Speed Square Vs Combination Square : What Are The Differences

Are you searching for the comparison and difference between speed square vs combination square before you could decide on the one you want for your project, or you are just looking for the correct information to increase your woodworking knowledge? here is the right place to be.

What do you know about Speed Square?

A speed square is also referred to as a rafter square, triangle square, rafter angle square so that you don’t get confused when you hear your partner pronounce another name you aren’t familiar with. It is a multi-purpose carpenter tool used often to mark out the area you want to cut on wood or aboard.

You need to choose the best speed square to meet the task you have at hand that requires the tool’s use. There are different types of speed square out there, and the common is the Swanson speed square, the precision speed square, empire speed square, and many more.

There are types of speed square you can consider, and one of them is the steel speed square which is common among woodworkers because of how easy it is to use and its longevity. The diameter of the square is also a reason for consideration, and the common is the 12-inch speed square.

The 12” speed square will work fine for most woodworking, and it is the right dimension to look out for.

Common uses of the Speed Square

Creating square line

One of the common reasons for using speed square is that it helps create a square line, and to do that, you need to hold the square against the long edge, and then you can draw a straight line using your pencil.

Making multiple lines

With the speed square, you can create multiple lines by using the inner opening of the square to make the marking. The design allows you to make multiple lines to move it around on any board or wood effortlessly.

Angles marking

You can consider using a speed square if you want to get some angles such as 45-degree, 90 degrees, and even 180 degrees on wood and slab.

For construction work

If you want to make markings on any wood or carry out some measurement, a speed square can be resourceful. Also, it can be used with power tools as you can support it with the clamp or frame you are using with the power tool to get the right or accurate cut.

Swanson Speed Square SW1201K

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Swanson Tool Co SW1201K Value Pack 7 inch Speed Square and...
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This is a must-have tool for all projects. It comes in a different dimension for you to pick the right one for your job. The square scale is obvious, and it has black gradations with a non-glare which makes it very easy for you to read in any lighting conditions.

The design of the speed square makes it very easy to use in any condition. It comes with a blue book where you get to see more guides on how and where to use the speed square. The tool is useful for determining marking on angles and making square cuts on wood or boards.

Also, the accuracy is topnotch, and it last longer considering it is made from heavy gauge billet aluminum alloy material. If you are looking for a speed square with level, it is the right choice for you. It is much better than Mr Pen extra large framing square.

What do you know about Combination Square?

The combination square is a multi-purpose tool that helps in creating perfect 90 degrees to 45-degree angles. It is best to find depth or distance effortlessly, and it can also be used to measure circular objects. It is indeed handy and can come to one’s rescue in countless situations.

Unlike the speed squares, the combination squares are ideal for use on different materials, and it feature an interchangeable head which allows you to use the tool to any length. For any woodworking task you’ve got, you need one of the combination squares.

The woodpecker combination square and Irwin combination square falls in the category of the combination square set that you can consider, but there are many more out there in the market that you can consider.

Importance of using a Combination Square

The importance of the combination square can be seen in its superior accuracy. It allows you to fine-tune the tool in a way that you can always get the correct measurement. It helps reduce your chance of making the wrong measurement to avoid poor performance.

Also, it allows you to use with other materials which makes it fits perfectly for all kind of performance such as in woodworking, metal fabricators and construction work. Also, it has an interchangeable head that can be used in measuring common angles, custom angles, and even the center of a workpiece.

Combination Square Price

The price of the standard combination squares varies, and the size and features determine the price. Still, at 50 dollars, you should get yourself a premium-level combination square that can perfectly fit for professional use.

Accusize Combination Square

Accusize Industrial Tools 12'' 4 Combination Square Ruler...
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Accusize Industrial Tools 12'' 4 Combination Square Ruler...
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The Accusize Combination Square is a perfect tool that should be considered when working a block of wood to determine the layout, depth, height, and angle setup. It is made from top-quality material, and the head is made of cast steel which makes it boasts a tough and better surface. This is more better than a mini square.

The head of the square has level and scriber points which can serve for additional use. Also, it has a blade that is well-tempered and hardened with micro-fine blade gradations. The square comes in different gradation grades and dimensions for you to choose the one that fits your woodworking project.


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