Sudden Low Water Pressure In House and How To Fix Low Water Pressure In House

One of the things that homeowners battle with is low water pressure. It is the work of a plumber to fix, but you should also have the knowledge of what is to be done with fixing low water pressure in your home or sudden low water pressure in house.

This page is focused on how to fix low water pressure if your water pressure falls below 50 psi, which is the standard pressure for water.

How do I fix low water pressure in my house?

Test the pressure

Do you know you can easily test the pressure of your water in your home before calling on an expert? Yes, you can. This can be done using a test gauge in which the Flow Doctor Water Pressure Gauge Kit is the right choice.

You just need to fix the pressure gauge meter test kit onto a hose faucet and then turn on the tap. Before you do that, you need to turn off the tap. According to plumbers, water pressure below 60 psi is known to be on the low side.

So, if the water pressure is below 60 psi, you should know it is due for fixing as any pressure between 60 psi to 80 psi is okay. Any water pressure that is above 80 psi is too high.

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Clear the clogs

Sometimes, the cause of the low water pressure can be a result of the buildup of mineral deposits and some other things in the pipe. Once the pipe gets clogged, there will be a reduction in the flow of the water, thereby leaving you to little drip from the faucet.

The best to get through fixing the clogged pipe is to dissolve the clogged pipe by getting rid of the materials blocking the pipe. To dissolve any material clogging the pipe, you can make use of vinegar. You can use an open zip-lock bag filled with vinegar over your faucet or showerhead. You should leave to soak and observe if it works. If it fails, then you might have to try other options.

Replace regulator

The next you should do is to replace the regulator of your shower or faucet. On several occasions, I have experienced this, and I was able to see the difference the moment I got to change the regulator. It thus has its effect on the pressure of the water, and it is one you should consider.

There are many regulators in the market, and getting the right one needs a greater level of skill and experience, and that is the reason you need the assistance of an expert.

Get a pressure pump

After trying all that we have discussed earlier, and the water pressure remains the same, you might have to result in getting a pressure pump. If you have checked the pipe and you didn’t notice a leak, you can go ahead with purchasing a pressure pump, and one of the best in the market is the DC HOUSE 33-Series Industrial Water Pressure Pump, which will surely help to boost or increase the pressure of the water.

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Sudden low water pressure in house

On this page, you will get to know how to fix low water pressure if you are faced with such a challenge in your home. We know how disappointing it can be with low water pressure in your shower and faucet, and that is the reason we have the right information for you on how you can solve the problem.