Table Saw Types : Hybrid Saws Cabinet Saws Contractor Saws

Table Saw Types

1. Hybrid Table Saw

2. Cabinet Table Saw

3. Contractor Table Saw

4. Benchtop Table Saw

5. Portable Table Saw / Jobsite Table Saw


This type of saw was really the only option available for small shop woodworkers until fairly recently. It is reasonable to say that contractor table saws have been surpassed in recent years with the introduction of cabinet and hybrid table saws.

Contractor saws were originally designed so that the professional could move them between job sites. They were traditionally open-based, simply designed, lightweight(up to 350 lbs), and affordable.

In comparison to cabinet saws and hybrids, they therefore lack many of the features woodworkers now regard as integral. Their extension wings are usually inferior cast iron or stamped metal, and the all-important trunnion, gears and arbor mechanism are much less robust. The motor hangs off the back of the table, originally designed so it was easy to take off to transport.

Contractor saws remain the most affordable option of the three saw types, but they are not as versatile as the new tables which have captured the market.


These machines get their name from the fully enclosed cabinet style base. If contractor tables are at the bottom end of the scale, cabinet saws are at the top. They have really been designed with the professional firmly in mind, to deliver high levels of performance, reliability, and longevity.

They are much more substantial in construction than contractor saws, made of tough cast iron and steel. Everything about them is heavier and more powerful – gears, arbor assembly, trunnions, motors. They are designed to cut through the heaviest of timbers, all day, every day, with minimal vibration and virtually no detrimental effects on parts.

With the motor housed inside the cabinet, they are designed to be quieter, and to make dust collection more reliable. The motor and arbor are supported by rock-steady trunnions that attach to the cabinet base, rather than the table. Alignment with blade, miter slot and fence is therefore superior to the basic contractor saw.

Cabinet table saws are rarely portable, and despite the difference in price, they are the preferred saw for professional woodworkers


It was probably inevitable that a few years back, the manufacturers of table saws began to realise there was a yawning gap between affordable, old technology contactor tables, and the high-end, professional, “expensive” cabinet tables. The end result has been the introduction of the hybrid saw, a machine that encapsulates the best features of the cabinet at a much more affordable price, especially for that massive market of hobbyists. And there are very few compromises with hybrid saws.

Some hybrids have adopted the cabinet style base, others have a shorter enclosed base with legs. Either way, the motor is mounted inside a fully enclosed base.

They have all the key elements of the cabinet saw, such as heavy-duty trunnions and arbor bearings, and in many cases, the belt system and gearing are superior. As we said right at the start, the trunnion design is a key difference, with most mounted to the base of the saw, enhancing alignment of the blade and miter slot.

Hybrids are lighter, generally have motors which can be used with standard power supply, and in most cases, are simply very well built. They are, in essence, a more compact, accessible version of the cabinet table.

They are priced accordingly, making them very attractive to home hobbyists AND professional timber workers. An excellent innovation in the world of woodworking…..


Whether a hybrid, cabinet, or contractor table saw is the right fit for you depends on a few key things. Are you a hobbyist or professional? How much time do you actually spend on your hobby or on the job? What’s your budget?What sort of workshop do you operate in?

If you are do woodwork for the sheer pleasure of it, say with small projects, you might like the idea of having a cabinet saw, but in reality you probably don’t need it. Also, if your workshop is a small space, a cabinet saw could be a bit over the top.

But if you are a pro, or even semi-professional, and need a saw that can run for regular long periods, you may be disappointed with a contractor table. It probably just won’t give you what you need.

The hybrid saw is a really good option for active hobbyists and even for small professional workshops. It’s the middle ground, and will be an excellent, versatile choice in most cases. It won’t break the bank, and should deliver what you need.

The differences Between Hybrid Saws, Cabinet Saws and Contractor Saws

Well, there are various types of table saws available in the market. So, you have to choose the right one according to your requirement. Moreover, the stationary table saw classified into three types, such as Hybrid, Cabinet, and Contractor saws. So let’s check out the difference between these three different types of table saws:

Hybrid Table saw

  1. It is light weighted than cabinet saws and heavy weighted than contractor saws.
  2. Hybrid saws are a mixture of cabinet and contractor saws.
  3. Furthermore, Hybrid saws have extended cabinet than contractor saws.
  4. Hybrid saws are cheaper than other saws.
  5. These saws include exceptional fence systems, which is different from other table saws. Its fences based on the fence.
  6. Hybrid saws provide some additional facilities than contractor saws like dust collection, bigger trunnions.
  7. These saws are affordable than cabinet saws.
  8. Some hybrid saws are slightly robust than contractor saws.

Cabinet Table saw

  1. These saws are more massive than hybrid and contractor saws.
  2. Gladly, considered as the controlling table saw then other table saws.
  3. The fences of cabinet saws are more precise and stronger than contractor saws.
  4. Cabinet saws can cut anything like hardwood, large material sheets, pine, and plywood, etc. It fortified with sharp resources.
  5. The tables of cabinet saws are enormous than contractor saws.
  6. Cabinet saws are more adaptable than contractor ones.

Contractor Table saw

  1. Contractor table saws are light weighted than hybrid and cabinet table saws.
  2. It is low-priced than other table saws.
  3. These table saws are go-to saw for professional woodworkers.
  4. It is a portable table saw. You can shift these saws anywhere you want. It is different than hybrid and cabinet table saws.
  5. Its dust collection is delicate than a hybrid table saw.

So, there are differences between hybrid, cabinet, and contractor table saws.

Why should you use hybrid table saws?

You should use a hybrid table saw because it provides you amazing features. Hybrid table saws are well-made, and it has an outstanding specification. However, its base is completely enclosed. Hybrid saws are consisting of significant trunnions and arbor bearings.

Gladly, these table saws are budget-friendly so that you can save some bucks, it can be used with standard 110-volt service. It has the nicest dust extraction. It comes with various advantages you may thrive.

Why should you use cabinet table saws?

If you are looking for a table saw for your office, then you should buy the cabinet table saw. These table saws are sturdy and robust than other ones. Moreover, you have to fix the cabinet table saw in a particular place. It is easy to use the table saw. Perhaps cabinet table saws are expensive, but it provides the best service.

So, it is a big table saw and needs to maintain regularly. Most of the time, it comes with extra blades and equipment storage capacity. You can use it for a lifetime.

Why should you use the contractor table saws?

Contractor table saws are cheaper than other ones. It is an excellent option for workshop professionals. These tables’ saws offer a hassle-free experience to the users. Furthermore, you will find it light weighted. Some of them include an attached table that you can easily use it,

This saw is a perfect choice to use this in your shop. It produces almost 1 to 2 hp and runs in 750 to 1500 watts. It is intended with portability. If you want to save some bucks, then you can buy a contractor table saw.

Final Words :

Finally, you can see the differences between these types of stationary table saws and the reason behind using each table saws. Now you can choose the best one according to your requirement. After discussing the process of building the hybrid table saw workstation and the uses of Hybrid table saw. You can go to this one.