Best Digital Compound Microscopes Review Ultimate Buying Guide

Must Read: The Best Compound Microscope [Well-Researched & Updated]

The Whole Nine Yards of Compound Microscope!

Have you ever heard of a microscope that is best for viewing bacteria? Well, you might have. But have you wondered why the best digital microscope cannot serve all the purposes?

Well, that’s hard to know. If you want to know about why the best microscope brands cannot be all in one, you must know A-Z about them, and obviously, all these information should lead you to a conclusion where you will be able to differentiate their uses from other types of microscopes.

So, here you will know everything about the compound microscope and basic differences between the compound microscope and other microscopes.

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Product NameProduct ImageFeaturesPrice
Best High Power MicroscopeBest High Power Microscope1 year electrical & 5 years mechanical warranty

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Best Microscope With CameraThe Best Microscope With Camera9 MP Digital Camera & 5 years warranty

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Best Microscope For The MoneyThe Best Top Rated Microscope For The Money14 MP Camera, true color 4096 X 3288 pixels

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Best Microscope For Viewing BacteriaBest Microscope For Viewing Bacteria3 MP Camera, Variable intensity, Metal framework

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Best Digital MicroscopeBest Digital Microscope Review5 MP Camera, true color 2592 X 1944 pixels

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Best Microscope For HobbyistBest Microscope For Hobbyist1.3 MP Camera, Rack and pinion adjustment condenser

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Best Hobby MicroscopeTop Rated Best Hobby Microscope reviewSturdy metal frame with coaxial coarse & fine focusing

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Best Microscope For TrichomesThe Most Reliable Best Microscope For TrichomesFull solid metal frame construction with stain resistant enamel finish

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Low Power MicroscopeLow Power Microscope In The MarketThe design is suitable for a variety of video software

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Best USB MicroscopeBest USB Microscopes Review3MP, MOV movie format, 30fps video

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Top 10 Best Compound Microscopes

  1. Motic – Best High Power Microscope
  2. OMAX 40X-2500X – Best Microscope With Camera
  3. OMAX 40X-2000X – Best Microscope For The Money
  4. OMAX Built in 3 MP Camera – Best Microscope For Viewing Bacteria
  5. OMAX Digital 40X-2500X – Best Digital Microscope
  6. OMAX Built in 1.3 MP Camera – Best Microscope For Hobbyist
  7. LANDOVE – Best Hobby Microscope
  8. OMAX 40X-2000X Lab LED Binocular – Best Microscope For Trichomes
  9. CAPTIANKN – Low Power Microscope
  10. Opti Tekscope – Best USB Microscope

#1 100% Accurate Best High Power Microscope

Motic Instruments Inc. Trinocular Inverted Microscope [ with PL PH 20x ] – Motic AE2000 Inverted Compound Microscope.

Best High Power Microscope

Are you looking for a perfect microscope to help your regular cell examination?

Yes, perfectness is a must!

Motic understands your needs very well. They come up with a compound high power microscope to help your routine inspection of the cell and different research works. The Motic AE2000 is the ideal answer to all you want in a super quality microscope.

Let’s dive into depth to know all the amazing features including pros & cons that will surely help you to make a better decision!

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1100103800029 - Description : AE2000 Trinocular Inverted...
  • Description : AE2000 Trinocular Inverted...
  • Supplier No. : 1100103800029

Features and Benefits:

1st – New inverted AE2000 microscope is the name of an ideal gadget for inspection of the living cell and other samples of microbiological items. For the improvement in the process of light transmission and future expansion, Motic AE2000 microscope has CCIS (color corrected infinity optical system) achromatic lenses with a multilayer coating.

2nd – For this image quality remarkably improves to the brighter and sharper stage. High-grade quality images are the prime need for perfect research results. Routine observations thus facilitated by work-friendly features.

3rd – This Motic microscope gives you classic stage for easy and faultless inspection. This classic stage comes with a width of 200mm, height 192 mm and depth of the stage is 239mm. Additional stage plates allow extra widening of the stage. There is a coating to protect stage surface being damaged.

4th – Necessary features like light intensity and control for focus is up to the mark. You will never regret buying this amazing microscope. It has a lamp house, filter holder, wide field and high eye point eyepiece, quadruple inclined sidewards nosepiece and phase slider in it. It also combines a condenser, diopter adjustment ring that enhances its efficiency.

5th – Moreover, the AE2000 serious microscope delivers supreme mechanism with advanced optical quality. It also has a phase contrast facility of microscopy, for this reason, some optical attachments are there. It comes with a dimension of 217.5 mm width, 556 mm depth and 497 mm height.

6th – Image or video of experiments is now easy to share with Motic AE2000 trinocular microscope. Motic has integrated its Moticam series cameras with this microscope to give an extraordinary performance. Besides for benefiting trinocular attachment of port C-mount adapters comes with this microscope.

7th – Why should not you choose this amazing microscope? The system provides software easily can be run with your device gives high-resolution images. Also, you can also save documents for further use with this digital microscope.

8th – Professionals prefer built-in lighting system for ease of operation. For this reason microscope manufacturers making microscopes with the built-in illumination system. 6V/30W halogen and 3W LED transmitted illumination added with Motic AE2000. Gives you perfect lighting to examine different living cells.

9th – Now you may want to know in what fields this Motic AE2000 works well or for what purposes it serves well? To quench your query Motic gives good performance in regular clinical work and lab work.

10th – Also, it gives outstanding performance in research requirements in pharmaceuticals or researches done in university laboratories. The routine cell culture view facilitated with this amazing microscope.

11th – Warranty with products increases credibility for customers. Customers feel more secure with added warranty from manufacturers. Do you know the great thing that comes with Motic products?

12th Motic instruments manufacturer understands the needs of its customers. You are getting one year warranty for electrical and five-year warranty for mechanical damages. So stay cool with your microscopy works helped by Motic AE2000 inverted microscope.


  • Uses CCIS optical system for better investigation
  • Built-in Moticam digital camera helps research works transforming into the documentation
  • High quality and high-resolution images
  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • Metal body gives much durability


  • After use this We don’t found anything big issue with this Motic AE2000. But sometimes occur Software installment problem.
  • High Price.

Final Thought

Motic AE2000 Inverted Microscope worth every buck you spend on it. Whether it comes to performance or durability, it is amongst the best. With its efficiency of work, this microscope meets up the demands of professional. So you can select this enjoying a cup of coffee!

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#2 The Best Microscope With Camera

OMAX 40X-2500X Phase Contrast Trinocular LED Compound Microscope with 9 MP Digital Camera.

The Best Microscope With Camera

If you want to know which one is the best microscope with camera, this article will help you to choose. Microscope with a camera is a very common feature now. But all of them don’t hold the quality.

OMAX 40X-2500X Phase Contrast Trinocular LED Compound Microscope offers a bunch of exceptional features. According to the specialist it is by far the best microscope with camera in such a medium budget. Also, there have some other features related to the camera, makes it top ratted. I can responsibly recommend that microscope because of its uniqueness.

Now let’s have a bird’s eye look on the features

OMAX 40X-2500X Phase Contrast Trinocular LED Compound...
4 Reviews
OMAX 40X-2500X Phase Contrast Trinocular LED Compound...
  • Total magnification for brightfield:...
  • Diopter: adjustable on both eyepiece tubes;...
  • Condenser and diaphragm: Abbe NA1.25 rack and...

Features and Benefits

It is a Trinocular Microscope. It offers 6 level magnifications from 40x to 2500x, Phase contrast microscope system and a USB digital imaging system. The magnifications for phase contrast are 100X, 250X, 400X, 1000X.

Also, it has an optical system that works simultaneously to observe images through the eyepieces and also a Trinocular port (adjustable). Besides it comes with the WF10X /18 and WF25X widefield eyepieces. With the achromatic brightfield objective, you will get 4 level of magnification- 4X, 10X, 40X, 100X.

The diopter is adjustable on both eyepiece tubes. The nosepiece is revolving quadruple. It includes a double-layered stain-resistance mechanical stage. The size is 140mm × 140mm and the translation range is 75mm × 50mm.

The coaxial coarse and fine focus knob is on both sides. The focusing knob can be locked for transportation and observation. It has also the rack and pinion adjustments.

It offers transmitted illumination with replaceable 3W LED Light. It has a 9-megapixel digital camera which is quite good. Because in microscopes, there have usually used a low-resolution camera. The camera works capturing images, recording videos, measuring the lengths, areas, angles of the specimen.

To get the larger FOV, it added a 0.5X reduction lens. The frame rate is really mentionable – 1.9fps  at 3488×2616, 8 fps at 1744 × 1308, 27 fps at 872×654. The software is compatible with Windows 7/XP/Vista, Linux and Mac operating system. The


  • It is very durable
  • The price is fair and reasonable
  • The image quality is amazing


  • There has some complaint about the quality of the objectives.

Wrapping Up

Considering all of the above, it’s not that tough to say that this OMAX 40X-2500X Phase Contrast Trinocular LED Compound Microscope is one of the best microscopes with the camera. A 9 MP digital camera with great quality optics makes it more efficient.

This microscope can be widely used in school, biological and clinical researches.  So if you really want a microscope with exceptional features and performance, you can consider this compound microscope.

#3 The Best Top Rated Microscope For The Money

OMAX 40X-2000X Infinity Trinocular Metallurgical Microscope with Transmitted/Reflected Light and 14MP Camera and 100X Dry Objective.

The Best Top Rated Microscope For The Money

Where as Microscopes are usually involved with the tiniest specimens, it needs to take extra attention to get the actual consequences. In addition, you have to spend a good amount of money on a microscope. So it’s important to make sure that you are betting for the right one.

Now the Question is – Which is the right one? Is there any such kind of stuff which is really meeting all the needs? The answer is “Yes”. Here I can responsibly recommend you “OMAX 40x-2000x infinity Trinocular Metallurgical Microscope”. It is by far the best microscope for the money. Let’s take a quick look to the features that take it beyond a doubt.

But first of all, you need to know about the job of this microscope. The OMAX microscopes are always been noteworthy. OMAX 40x-2000x infinity Trinocular Metallurgical Microscope can be used for mineral, metallurgical and crystal identification, electronic circuit examination and so on. Polarizing plates (attachable), a 14MP USB microscope camera and infinity corrected plan field achromatic objectives are most remarkable features.

OMAX 40X-2000X Infinity Trinocular Metallurgical Microscope...
1 Reviews
OMAX 40X-2000X Infinity Trinocular Metallurgical Microscope...
  • Total magnification:...
  • EPI illumination: 6V/30W halogen bulb, position...
  • Stage: triple layer mechanical stage with opaque...

Features and Benefits –

1. Magnification and objectives

Since it is a compound microscope, the magnification must be noticeable. It requires the requirement. A huge range of magnification makes it more efficient. It can manage 40x to 2000x magnification with polished and clear images. It equips 4 objectives: 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x.

It also includes two kinds of wide field eyepieces. One is WF10X and another one is WF20X. You will get better magnification with the WF20X eyepiece. It manages a better aperture also. The nosepiece is revolving quadruple.

You can achieve a crystal clear focus by using fine knobs and coaxial coarse. The adjusting stuff must be found on both sides of the microscope.

2. Illumination system

The OMAX comes with an EPI-illumination system which consists of a halogen bulb. It also features position adjusts, intensity adjusts, iris field diaphragm, iris aperture diaphragm built-in condenser, filter (2 Color) and polarizer slots and so on.

It also contains a transmitted illumination. Equipped with a transmitted and reflected illuminator, the OMAX metallurgical microscope can perform like a normal compound microscope also.

The transmitted illumination system consists of halogen bulb (6V/30W), intensity adjustable system, reflected condenser, spiral adjustment system, Abbe NA 1.25, rack focus adjustment and many more.

3. Stage

The stage is triple layered with the metal plate for the reflected light and the transparent plate is for transmitted light. The size is 14 cm to 15 cm and the translation range is 50mm×75mm. The focus mechanism is also mentionable. The Coaxial coarse and the fine knobs with adjustable tension control makes it most efficient. It also comes with 110V and 50/60 Hz power supplies.

4. Digital Camera

A 14 MP software compatible digital camera is attached to the microscope.  0.5x reduction lens helps to manage the larger field of view. The camera works for capturing the image, recording videos, measuring the angles, lengths, areas, etc.


  • Amazing image quality
  • Top rated and user-friendly
  • Suitable for Multi-purpose uses
  • Supreme focusing quality
  • 5 years warranty


  • Don’t have any printed manual.

Final Thought

I think you already make your mind to grab it. This is a multi-feature gadget which is really worthy for the amount of money. So don’t wait anymore. You can make it your own without any hesitation.

#4 Best Microscope For Viewing Bacteria

OMAX Built in 3 MP Camera 40X-2000X Digital Biological Compound Binocular LED Light Microscope with Double Layer Mechanical Stage Oil Immersion NA 1.25 Condenser.

Best Microscope For Viewing Bacteria

Tough enough job it is to choose the right microscope among so many available. We are here to help your chase towards finding a good quality microscope. Are you wondering what it could be? Omax 40X-2000X is amongst the best microscope for viewing bacteria.

Why is it best? Let’s see further information’s about this microscope.

OMAX - MD827S30L Built-in 3MP Camera 40X-2000X Digital...
98 Reviews
OMAX - MD827S30L Built-in 3MP Camera 40X-2000X Digital...
  • Total magnification:...
  • Stage: mechanical stain-resistant double layer...
  • Black palm rest on the base; Illumination:...

Features and Benefits

Omax comes with a microscope with enough value like magnification ratio in such a budget-friendly microscope. It has total magnification level varies from 40X-80X-100X-200X-400X-800X-1000X-2000X. Usually, the price is higher of other microscopes with qualities like Omax microscope has.

Among them are user-friendly knobs allowing you view the specimens very smoothly. With 360-degree swivel digital binocular head and built-in, 3.0 MP USB imaging system makes it is easy to capture images and videos.

You can now very easily and efficiently share your work such as captured images or videos with the OMAX unit. You can quickly connect it with your computer by having windows versions of 7/8 and 10 and also Mac software.

The metal-constructed solid base body is convenient to use and gives assurance of durability. It is worth mentioning you can use it for many years and also under various circumstances.  Though the absence of printed manual sometimes creates inconvenience for its users. But with the help of code given with this kit, you can download manually from the internet.

Also, you are getting a built-in LED light system with this amazing compound microscope from OMAX. It is especially best for examining biological specimens because it needs a light that passes through.

It is a matter of fact to use the light source from outside is not a pleasant task to do. This is the reason pushes manufacturing companies to come up with conveniently constructed built-in illumination system microscopes.

The LED lamps are easy to replace. You by yourself can do this task. Besides super quality optics are used for lenses. It produces high-grade crystal clear images soothe professional’s demands to accomplish their tasks for experiments.


  • High-grade images with supreme quality.
  • User-friendly microscope gives the proper value of your money.
  • Good for demonstration, research purpose, teaching purpose and clinical examinations.
  • Good quality magnification and image quality


  • No printed manual

Final Thoughts

In fine, you are having five years warranty from manufacturers for defects arise from manufacturing. What else could be so reliable? Without any doubt you will not regret buying this OMAX 40X-200X compound LED microscope.

#5 Best Digital Microscope Review

OMAX Digital 40X-2500X, Advanced Oil NA 1.25 Darkfield Trinocular Compound LED Microscope with 5.0 MP Camera with Measurement, Stitching, Extended Depth of Field Software.

Best Digital Microscope Review

In this 21 century, we don’t want anything which is straight only to a job, we need the multi-functional gadget. There was a time when people use the microscope only to observe the smaller specimens. But now it’s like a myth. We don’t want to believe that a microscope only works to magnify a specimen.

Now Microscopes are added advanced technology to make a job easier. OMAX Trinocular Compound LED Microscope is one of them. According to many specialists, it takes place at the top 5 best digital microscopes.

OMAX 5MP Digital 40X-2500X Advanced Oil NA1.25 Darkfield...
5 Reviews
OMAX 5MP Digital 40X-2500X Advanced Oil NA1.25 Darkfield...
  • Total magnification:...
  • Diopter: adjustable on both eyepiece tubes;...
  • Brightfield condenser: NA1.25 Abbe condenser with...

Features and Benefits

It has 40x to 2000x magnification which is really good to explore the microscopic world. There have two wide-field eyepieces (10x/25x). It is suitable for analyzing the blood sample.

It includes a 5MP digital imaging system (USB) and the bright-field and dark-field microscope system. The maximum camera resolution is 2592×1944. It has 5 fps frame speed at 2592×1944, 18 fps at 1280×960 and 60 fps at 640×480. 0.5x reduction lens helps to get larger FOV. It has also an adjustable Trinocular port.

It is able to capture live video and still microscope images on the computer. The images are crystal clear. The included softwares are compatible with Windows, Linux, max, and OS operating system. Lenses are made of great quality optical glasses.

The diopter is adjustable on both eyepieces tubes. The nose piece is revolving quadruple. It also offers 3/2 inches translation range and 5/8 inches phototube adjustment range.

Coaxial and fine focus knobs found on both side. The focusing knob can be locked for transportation and observation.  It has NA1.25 Abbe bright field condenser with a filter holder and NA 1.36-1.25 dark field condenser. The palm rest on the base makes it more convenient.

Illumination system- Lower transmitted, replaceable LED light (3W), Metal mechanical component and variable intensity


  • Satisfying magnification
  • Good image quality
  • Reasonable price

Wrapping Up

Digital microscopes are now available in the market. All of them won’t match the requirements. But OMAX Trinocular Compound LED Microscope meets most of the requirements that a consumer requires. It is by far the best digital microscope. So, if you really want a digital microscope, you can consider this. It will surely satisfy you.

#6 Best Microscope For The Hobbyist

OMAX 40X-2000X Digital LED Compound Microscope with Built in 1.3 MP Camera and Double Layer Mechanical Stage Compatible with Windows and Mac.

Best Microscope For Hobbyist

People have always been interested in the microscopic world. There was a time when only the scientists or researchers meddle to super-tiny specimens but now laymen are getting interested also.

Keeping it in mind, the manufacturers bring forth some exceptional microscopes for hobbyist people to pursue the microscopic world with fun. Those are specially designed for them.

If you want me to pick up only one microscope, I would go for the OMAX 40x-2000x digital LED Compound Microscope. It is the best microscope for hobbyist. There of course, have some conscious logic of picking up it. Let’s see what made me pick it up.

OMAX - MD82ES10 40X-2000X Digital LED Compound Microscope...
241 Reviews
OMAX - MD82ES10 40X-2000X Digital LED Compound Microscope...
  • High quality professional optical glass elements;...
  • 8 levels of magnification:...
  • Sliding interpapillary distance adjustment; Ocular...

Features and Benefits

This OMAX product is perfect for school, home, demonstration, laboratories. With the maximum 2000x magnification, you will able to see the minor details of the specimen like the cell walls, organelles, membranes and also the nucleus of the cell. It comes with 8 level magnifications from 40x to 2000x and maximum 100x oil immersion objective. It has basically 5x, 10x, 40x, and 100x objectives.

It offers the ergonomic design of coarse and fine focusing which helps to adjust the focus easily. You will find them on both sides.

The transmitted illumination system has a LED light. Depending on the situation, the intensity of the light can be customized.

The double layer mechanical stage will allow you the full movement of the sample for centering or scanning purposes. As a result, instead of the clip’s movement, the whole stage moves in all three dimensions. So when you are trying to locate your POI (Point of interest) on the slide, it won’t slip off.

Also, it features with Built-in 1.3 Mega Pixel USB camera that compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac and 2 pairs of eyepieces.


  • Superbly constructed
  • Easy to operate
  • Extensive Magnification
  • 5 years of warranty


  • The camera is not up gradable

Wrapping Up

Taking everything into account, you can consider this microscope as a perfect one. You can explore the super-tiny world through the lenses with great focus and amazing image quality of it. Just wrap up the search and get yourself one. It is the best.

#7 Top Rated Best Hobby Microscope

LANDOVE Compound Student Monocular Microscope with Smartphone Adapter,40X-640X Dual Light Optical Glass Lens All-Metal Microscope + Microscope 10x Eyepiece

Top Rated Best Hobby Microscope review

People are now getting interested in the microscopic world. It’s really amazing to see something which is beyond our eyesight. The market of optical equipment is growing day by day to provide the regular needs of consumers. There are many people like you who are getting really confused to make a choice while buying a microscope for fun.

So, to sort out the problem, we are trying to feature you about the best hobby microscope. And the solution is one and only LANDOVE compound Student Monocular Microscope.

LANDOVE Compound Students Kids Monocular Microscope with 16X...
  • Can give 40X-640X widefield magnifications.Sturdy...
  • Come with a 16X Smartphone Adapter, Capture Beauty...
  • Optical glass monocular microscope with top &...

Features and Benefits

It offers a low medium range magnification (40x-640x) which is good for typical uses. Also, it includes a WF10x eyepiece and 4x, 10x, 40x achromatic Objectives.

This all-metal compound microscope has Dual light optical glass with LED lights. Also, it holds a 16x Smartphone adapter. It is fantastically able to click the picture.

It offers a bright field illumination system. It is powered by a 110V adapter for field use. It also includes a 16x Smartphone adapter. It can be used at home or high school Lab.


  • Reasonable price
  • Good quality picture
  • Suitable for high school student


  • Magnification should be more extensive

Wrapping Up

Considering all of the above, there are only a few microscopes that can match the LANDOVE compound Monocular Microscope. If you want to do serious research, it might not for you. But if it is your hobby, it can be the best medium to explore the microscopic world.

#8 The Most Reliable Best Microscope For Trichomes

Awarded 2018 Best Compound Microscope – OMAX 40X-2000X Lab LED Binocular Microscope with Double Layer Mechanical Stage with Blank Slides, Covers and Lens Cleaning Paper.

The Most Reliable Best Microscope For Trichomes

Microscopes are all about little things. So, if it does not offer better performance, it can be the most irritating headache for the consumers. There are too many microscope manufacturers in present days.

So a person usually gets confused to make a choice while buying one. The first thing you need to do while buying a microscope is to be straight to the reputed brands.

OMAX 40X-2000X LED Binocular Compound Lab Microscope w/...
1,549 Reviews
OMAX 40X-2000X LED Binocular Compound Lab Microscope w/...
  • Total magnification:...
  • Nosepiece: revolving quadruple; Stage: double...
  • Condenser: NA1.25 Abbe condenser with iris...

Features and Benefits

OMAX 40x-2000x Lab LED Binocular Microscope is perfect for school, clinical exams, laboratories, teaching, and home uses. According to the experts, it is by far the best microscope for trichomes.

It has 40x to 2000x, a total of eight level magnifications. Also it has 4 objective lens- 5x, 10x, 40x, 100x. If you want to see the structure of protozoa and fungi, even the details of membranes, cell wall and also the nucleus of the cell, you can have this microscope.

It also offers the coaxial and fine focusing on both sides of the microscope. it helps to adjust the focus more easily.

The transmitted illumination system is really overwhelming. It uses the LED light which is more long-lasting than a halogen light.


  • Reasonable price
  • Top rated and user-friendly
  • Tremendous magnification range


  • It doesn’t come with the power cord.

Wrapping up

It is constructed with full solid metal which is strain resistance. If you want a durable and better-performing microscope, it can be your trump card. Just go for it.

#9 Low Power Microscope In The Market

LCD Digital Microscope 10 MP Camera, 1 to 1000X Portable Amplified Endoscope Compatible with Windows Xp, Vista, Win7, Win8, Mac Os.

LCD Digital Microscope,4.3 Inch 1080P 10 Megapixels,1-1000X...

Exploring the Microscopic world is great fun. Not only exploring, but most of the people also use microscopes for research purpose. The low power microscopes have been doing their job with extreme success. PalliPartners digital microscope is my personal favorite. It has some amazing features. Let’s take a quick look on them-

Features and Benefits

LCD Digital Microscope,4.3 Inch 1080P 10 Megapixels,1-1000X...
  • 4.3 Inch High Definition Lcd Screen Featuring 720P...
  • Long Working Distance & Stabler & DurableThree...
  • Complete Configuration 8 adjustable leds lights...

It offers maximum 800x magnification which is great for low power microscopes.

This height-adjustable handheld USB digital microscope is suitable for the students, inventors, researchers, and engineers. You can use much software like MSN Skype QQ and others. It is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Vista, Mac OS, etc.

The product is equipped with 8 LED light and two adjustable knobs for changing the focus and brightness. The ‘Capture and Zoom’ button works to zoom in the specimen’s picture and take the photo with a click.

You can also record live video and capture screenshot. Besides, it has the capability of measuring the specimen. Also, it is quite lightweight. The weight is just 490 grams. The frame rate is 30f/s.


  • Handheld and lightweight
  • High adjustable bracket
  • Good image quality
  • Reasonable price


  • Don’t have SD card slot

Wrapping up

As the following features, it is by far the best low power digital microscope to use. You won’t find something with such great image quality at that price. If you really need a low power microscope, go and get this without any doubt.

#10 The Best USB Microscope Review

Opti Tekscope OT M HDMI Microscope, Camera True Digital HD Imaging at 1920×1080 resolution 300x Optical Zoom [+4x Digital ]

Best USB Microscopes Review

The USB Microscope is the upgraded version of the typical microscopes with a bunch of convenient features. It changes the way of looking and makes it more interesting. It works by connecting itself with a computer through a USB port and the computer helps to analyze the details of a specimen.

When I bought a Digital USB microscope, I go through almost all the Best USB microscopes review. According to my research, the Opti-Tekscope OT-M HDMI microscope always has been at the top.

Opti-Tekscope OT-M HDMI Microscope Macro Camera Magnifier |...
  • SEE EVERY DETAIL CLEARLY- Our State of the Art...
  • PERFECT FOR PCB REPAIR- Coin Viewing and Grading,...

Features and Benefits

It offers 300x magnifications with 3 Mega Pixel camera (1920×1080) which is able to provide a clear and sharp embodiment as you can see each and every detail clearly. The CMOS sensor provides the HD quality picture. JPG and MOV are the picture and movie format.

You can use this with an HDMI Monitor in the classroom, lab, home or in your research center. Besides, you can use it by camera application on Windows10.

It is height adjustable and macro focused. It has a micro SD card slot. You can save the image and video on that. 4cm to 15cm working distance and 4x digital zoom makes it more efficient.


  • Reasonable Price
  • Sharp Image
  • Superior quality
  • User-friendly


  • The usable base is a bit small
  • Only one year warranty

Wrapping up

If you really want a USB microscope, you can consider this one. It provides all the features that a USB microscope should require.

Compound Microscope Definition

A compound microscope is used to get a higher magnification level of an object. As its name suggests, it uses two optical components- the objective lens system and the ocular/ eyepiece lens system to obtain the highly magnified images of tiny objects or specimens.

In simpler words compound microscope uses two lenses to show the larger version of an object. At first, it magnifies the actual object with the objective lens and then magnifies that magnified version of the object with an optical lens to get a higher level of magnification.

It is to view tiny objects that are difficult to see with a single lens, let alone the naked eye. The compound microscope shows these objects with fine details and with great resolution, and it is the best microscope with a camera.

Types Of Compound Microscope

Are there any types in the compound microscope? Yes, there are various types of the compound microscope!

Compound microscopes can vary according to the types of objects you want to see. There are plenty of variations in the compound microscope, but among those, these five are commonly used and almost covers all the categories of objects.

  • Bright-field microscopy: This is the most common microscopy used in the compound microscope. It is used for the dark specimen as it has a contrasted bright viewing field. It is mostly used for specimens that have natural color pigments.
  • Dark-field microscopy: this type of microscopy is used for light colored or translucent specimens. Its dark viewing field blocks the light into few scattered beams to make the translucent specimens visible in the eye. It is used to see live blood cells, single-celled organisms, living bacteria or any transparent specimen.
  • Inverted microscopy: As the name suggests, in inverted microscopy, the light source and condenser is located above the stage. The ‘objective’and ‘turret’ are placed just beneath the stage. There are even two kinds of inverted microscope- biological inverted microscope and metallurgical inverted microscope.
  • Metallurgical microscopy: Metallurgical microscope offers a high level of magnifications. You can see the opaque objects at high levels of magnification, and it is usually used for measuring instruments, i.e., thin films, grain, electroplating coating, etc.
  • Phase contrast microscopy: It is used to intensify the contrasts of colorless items by changing the light phase of the item. It is a type of light microscopy that important in biological and medical research.

Compound Microscope and Its Parts

Compound Microscope Structure

compound microscope structure

Compound microscope consists of various small components. All these small components are equally important to project the quality view of the object. But how many components does it have?

A compound microscope has two basic components- structural and optical components.

  • Structural components: There are three basic structural components in a compound microscope.
  • Head: It holds the optical parts of the compound microscope.
  • Base: It supports the whole microscope and accommodates the illuminator
  • Arm: It connects the base with the head and is used to carry the microscope.
  • Optical components: Optical components have various parts, and each of these parts is connected to and supported by each other.
  • Optical system: There are two optical systems in a compound microscope, one is objective lenses, and another one is eyepiece lenses.
  • Eyepiece: Eyepiece or ocular is placed at the top of the head, and it consists the eyepiece lenses. It is the place where you look through to view the image. Usually, its power is 10x, but it can vary according to your preference.
  • Eyepiece tube: It is the tube that holds the eyepieces above the objective lenses.
  • Nosepiece: Nosepiece holds the objectives. There is a rotating turret in the nosepiece that helps to select the perfect objectives for use.
  • Coarse focus knobs: Coarse focus knobs and fine focus knobs are two coaxial knobs. They are used to focus the microscope.
  • Stage and stage clips: The stage is the place where you place your specimen. If the stage is not mechanical, then there are stage clips that are needed to hold the stage.
  • Aperture: Aperture is the small hole in the stage which helps to transfer the light from the base.
  • Illuminator: It is the source of light in a microscope. It is located in the base which has variable lighting control.
  • Condenser: It is located under the base that collects and focuses the light from the illuminator.
  • Iris diaphragm: It controls how much light will reach the specimen.
  • Condenser focus knob: It controls the condenser to perfect lighting focus in the specimen.

How To Choose A Compound Microscope

Compound Microscopes are being used for exceptional magnifications purpose such as getting the tiny details of many microscopic elements like blood samples, cells, bacteria etc. So it is important to choose the right one as the requirements.

The first thing you need to consider is the magnification level. Which magnification level do you prefer? Then, of course, you also need to consider the comfort, price and the features of it. Now let’s see the whole of it.


For studying the cell and their structure, you have to have a minimum 400x magnification compound microscope. If you are getting the microscope for high school biology, 400x is enough for you; but for the college microbiology, 1000x is the best. A 400x will provide you the simulacrum of the cells and tiny organism and 1000x helps to know greater details of it.


Most of the people find monocular microscopes more efficient and easy-to-use than monocular. But younger people prefer the monocular microscope. You can consider one as per your preference.


Actually, the price depends on the type of microscope. The monocular microscopes are the least expensive. But if you want a trinocular microscope you have to spend a good amount of money.


Many of the monocular microscopes do not include mechanical stage but it is very useful for higher magnifications. So whenever you are getting yourself a compound microscope, make sure it includes a mechanical stage.


It depends on the microscopes type. Checking the quality of constructions and the optical quality is a must.  Optical quality means the quality of lenses. Compound microscopes include two sets of lenses.

One is an objective lens and another one is the eyepiece lens. The objective lens is the closest to the specimen slide stage. It works to produce a large, inverted image of the specimen. Then the eyepiece magnifies that image further.

Compound Microscope and Its Uses

Compound microscope has great uses. Its various uses make it more popular among the users.

  • Best microscope for viewing the bacteria.
  • Great to use in pathology labs to identify the forms and features of the diseases.
  • Plays are a great part in forensic laboratories to solve criminal cases. It is used to detect the minerals and metals that are present in human cells.
  • It is used to find out the presence and the origin of drugs.
  • Students use a compound microscope for various experiments.
  • Used to see the microbial world of virus and bacteria which cannot be seen in the naked eye.
  • Plant cells are also examined by a compound microscope. It is the best microscope for trichomes.

Compound Microscope vs. Dissecting Microscope

Compound microscope and dissecting microscope are completely different from each other. They had different features and used for different reasons. The main differences between them are given below:

Magnification: Compound microscope and dissecting microscope have different magnification power. Where a compound microscope can have a magnification from 400x to 100x, dissecting microscope has only 70x magnification at the most.

Use: A compound microscope is used to view tiny objects, such as cells. It can even magnify the translucent items.

But dissecting microscope is used to view large items such as pollen grains.

Working space: As a compound microscope is used for small specimens, its working space is small.

On the other hand, dissecting microscope deals with the large specimens and so its working space is larger than the compound microscope.

Light: In the compound microscope, the light passes beneath the specimen where in the dissecting microscope, the light passes from above the specimen.

Lens: A compound microscope has a range of objective lens so that the viewer can choose the correct one from them. It also has a single eyepiece lens.

But in dissecting microscope, there is a single objective lens with two eyepiece lenses for the better view.

Which Microscope Should You Choose And Why ?

There are many kinds of microscopes in the market. You have to choose your one as per the requirements. Once you know the job of them you can make your decision easier. So let’s take a bird’s eye look of them.

There are two basic types of microscopes. Compound and stereotype microscope.

If you are looking for a microscope which is great to observe a smaller specimen, the compound microscope is the only solution to that. It contains a high power magnification system with amazing clarity. So for the greater details, consider a compound microscope.

The stereotype microscope is for the substantial specimens. The magnification range of a stereo microscope is 6.5x to 45x. It comparatively low power microscope. If your target specimens are bugs, insects, leaves, gems, rocks etc a stereotype microscope can do the job satisfyingly.

Read more about – Compound Microscope Anatomy

The Importance Of Light Source

There are four basic types of illumination. Fluorescent, tungsten, LED and halogen.

Fluorescent lighting is very important for all kinds of microscopes. It is used for biological research or similar application. In stereo microscopes, it is used as an additional light source. Tungsten is the basic light source for the entry-level microscope.

The LED ring light is very common for portable microscopes. With the portable batteries, it becomes portable.

A high-quality microscope should always include halogen lighting as a standard lighting source. It provides white and strong light. Besides, it has the ability to adjust the intensity of the light.

Final Thoughts –

The compound microscope is the best among all the digital microscopes. Anyone who has the thrive to know any specimen in detail can be satisfied with a compound microscope as it is risk-free and does not require any technical knowledge or skills to use it.

Find The Best Digital Compound Microscopes  It’s easier and simpler than you thought, isn’t it?

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