Top 5 Differences Between Commercial and Residential Property

There are some differences between a residential building and a commercial building. We have made it so easy for you to know the difference between the two on this page.

We know how daunting it can be for you to easily detect the difference, but this information will help you out easily.

Building Materials Used

When it comes to erecting a building, you need to make use of some materials. There are many materials that must be used in building, and they differ in quality. This can be seen in some building as some can last for longer years; some can only last for months.

So, with a residential building and a commercial building, one of the differences in the materials been used. Often time, people who handle residential tends to use quality and substantial materials for their building while those who get into a commercial building only work with whatever resources they have.

Codes and Permit

There are regulation and codes you have to follow with a building. This can only be known by developers, and they need to get you to know that. There are codes and permits for building materials, design, size, plumbing, electrical systems and many more.

There are codes and permits for commercial and residential buildings, and they are different. You need to allow the construction management professionals to handle your project and help you do it in the right way.

You need to follow the permit for each building and take note that the permit for a commercial building is different from the residential buildings.

Significant Cost Difference

The cost of a commercial building project is sure different from the cost of a residential building project. Most commercial building projects are executed with loans from banks or from some financial institution while one of residential is funded by the person personal money.

Required Equipment

Without equipment, you can never erect any building. So, with commercial and residential buildings, the materials will sure be different depending on the design the construction designer has in place. There is some equipment that is needed for commercial building and not relevant for residential and vice versa.

The construction developer should be in charge of the building, and they are in the right place to tell the equipment needed for each building. Some commercial building requires the use of heavy construction machine while those are not needed for residential.

Project Deadline

The deadline for buildings projects differs. A commercial building is different from a residential building, and the same applies to the duration of the project. Some commercial building project can take longer duration.

The design of the building determines the time it will take to execute the project.


No one goes into the construction without a proper plan. If you are looking for the difference between a residential and commercial building, you can find them above.

Those points above will help you to select the right investment you should go into between the two. So, getting informed is powerful and essential to make the right choice.