Torpedo Levels A Must Have Tool For Any House Owner

Getting the Perfect Leveling With A 
“Torpedo Levels”

Obviously, completing a project before the deadline is such a relief for anyone. Otherwise, it can be a blame for anyone. Imagine, you have completed a project so laboriously and the deadline is knocking at the door.

So, now you are performing a final check to your project with a cup of cappuccino. But suddenly you notice a tiny but terrible mistake in the measurement. As a result, you have to redo the project.

Now back to reality. That was just a bad dream. But it can happen in your life unless you are careful enough. Whenever you are measuring something, you have to confide on the best measuring equipment to avoid the unexpected trouble.

Today, I am here to talk about the most famous leveling gadget which is called the Torpedo Level. Though, it is little in size but can able to bestow the gigantic benefits.

Torpedo Level Features : You needs to know

  1. A Torpedo level is an exceptionally useful tool to straighten the level more accurately.
  2. It is typically made of plastic or aluminum.
  3. There are several kinds of torpedo level in the market.
  4. Some are magnetized torpedo and some of them include laser beam.
  5. Most of them contain 3 vials leveling horizontal surfaces (0 degrees), the vertical surfaces (90 degrees), and 45-degree surfaces.
  6. Some of them come with an extra 30 degree measuring convenient.
  7. The vial contains a clear fluid with a bubble.
  8. Also, there are 2 parallel lines to indicate the measure.

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Various use of Torpedo Level

Torpedo Level is a must-have tool for everyone. You can use it to decorate your house properly. When you pin-up a painting or something like that, it will help you to fix up properly. The torpedo level is specially designed for professional uses. Electricians, Bricklayers, engineers, carpenters use the tool constantly.

How to use a Torpedo Level ?

Using a torpedo level is little bit tricky. Whether you are getting the best result, it depends on how you would handle your torpedo level. To get the best result, you need to know every part and their tasks of a torpedo level. I have already mentioned that in the intro.

The method is the same for all kinds of surface. Just you have to overlook the particular portion based on the surface. If you are measuring a horizontal surface, the 0-degree section will determine the outcome. As for the vertical surface, the 90-degree tube will how the result. Similarly, you can meter 30 degrees and 45-degree surface as well.

Now, let’s see the tactics of measuring with a torpedo level.

Clean & Test

At the very beginning, you have to test your torpedo level to find out the technical default.

First of all, Clean the torpedo level properly especially the underneath. If there are any buildups of cement, dirt, calk or anything like that, you won’t get the accurate reading. So, make sure the level is clean enough. Then place it on a flat or vertical surface. Mark the position of the air bubble with a pencil or note down the reading. Then exchange both ends at 180 degrees and repeat the process. If both readings are matched, it means your torpedo level is OK to use.

For Horizontal Surfaces

Place the torpedo level on your target surface. Let the air bubble to be afloat and fix in the tube.

Move the tube and overlook the air bubble. If the surface is accurately leveled, the air bubble will get placed in the center between the lines. If it is not centered then you have to fix it. Check for the air bubble. If the bubble remained in the right side from the line, it means the level is downwards to the left. And if the bubble stayed in the left side from the line, the level is upwards to the right.

For Vertical Surfaces

Place the torpedo level and check for the bubble. If the bubble downtrends from the line, the surface is tilted to the frontwards. But when the bubble goes upwards, it means the surface leans backward from the straighten level.

You can also measure 45-degree and 30-degree surface by following these instructions.

Brands, Quality & Price

There are many brands of torpedo level. But always prefer the best brands to get the accurate result. My recommendation for torpedo level brands is STANLEY, IRWIN, STABILA, SWANSON, and EMPIRE. They provide better quality and reliable product. The prices vary on the feature. You will get most of them between 10 to 30 bucks.


Measurement is a daily deal in our everyday life. A torpedo level can help you to get over the changes rightly. So you have to include a torpedo level in your tool-box in short order. But before using one, go through the instructions properly. A tiny mistake in the measurement can results in a big loss. All the best!