Using A Hand Planer As A Jointer

The jointer is used to mill wood which makes it an important tool for furniture and other woodworking task. In the absence of a jointer, would you abandon the work while you have a hand planer? No. You can also use a planer to carry out the activity of a jointer.

You just need to set up your stock on a flat table which can easily slide through the planer. Use a sticky mat and shims to level the wood out, and by doing this, you can get the first side flattened out and then plane the other side, which will help you get a parallel piece of wood.

If you plan on using your electric hand planer as a jointer jig, it is ever possible, as explained earlier. Sometimes using an electric hand planer jig will boost your performance than using a jointer. All that is needed is to understand how to use the planer.

Also, it is important that you get familiar with the parts of the electric planer, such as the electric hand planer blades, electric hand planer sled, the handle, knob, and many more. Getting familiar will help you in having a swift and smooth operational experience with the device.