What Are The Common Causes Of Electrical Fires

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Everyone should keep at least one fire extinguisher in your home, office, car, garage, rv, boat and more. Do you know Where’s your nearest fire station? If not, find and note down there contact number before its too late !!

It is easier to stop a fire outbreak when you are pre-informed about the causes. Regarding electrical fire outbreaks, you can only get to prevent only when you know their likely causes.

So, what are the common causes of electrical fires you need to know? This will surely help you in preventing rather than trying to stop the outbreak.


Outdated wiring has the propensity to cause electrical fire outbreak. If the wiring in your home is old such as 8 to 10 years, you can tell that it might lack the strength to handle the electric flow just like when you first install the wiring. So, once the electricity running through it is more than it can handle, it can lead to electric fire outbreak.

To avoid this, you should always check out for old wiring, and change as soon as you can.

Outdated circuit breaker

The circuit breaker is always triggered when the circuit is overloaded with too much electricity. So, when a circuit breaker is old to carry out its function properly, it can result in an electrical fire once overloading occurs.

Faulty electrical outlet

Most electrical fires do occur as a result of a faulty electrical outlet. It can be as a result of exposed wiring, loose electrical socket box and many more. Once you notice a faulty electrical outlet, you should know they are the likely point for an electrical fire outbreak.

How to prevent electrical fires at Home

There are many ways you can prevent electrical fires in your home.

Lookout for likely causes

The best way to prevent fire outbreak from electricity is to know the things that could cause it and do all it takes to prevent it. Run a check in your home and ensure that you have nothing that can cause an electrical fire.

Repair and replace old wiring or gadget

Once you notice faulty wiring in your home or you notice a gadget is faulty, you should do well by repairing or replacing with a new one if possible. You should never leave alone because they are a potential source for an electric fire outbreak.

Always switch off the light

Whenever you are not using any electrical socket in your home, you should do well by switching it off. If you are going out of your home, you should try as much to remove the fuse from the electrical box to prevent any form of fire outbreak from sudden overload.

Electrical fire what to do?

Whenever an electrical fire outbreak occurs in your home, you should put off the light from the electrical box in your home, reach out to a fire extinguisher and use it to quench the fire. If you do not have an extinguisher in your home, you can call for help.

What to do after an electrical fire?

  • If you find out the starting point of fire, immediately cut off the nearest electricity line with cable cutter.
  • If fire range is small throw baking soda / sodium bicarbonate.
  • Tighten oxygen source with heavy blanket / cloth.
  • Leave the fire place as soon as possible and close the door. Keep safe distance. Don’t try to be hero. Don’t enter the room if not fire fully controlled by firefighters.

What happens when you put water on an electrical fire?

Never should you make the mistake of pouring water on an electrical fire? Water is a good conductor. So, you are likely to get electrocuted and shocked if you pour water on an electrical fire.

Types of Fire Extinguishers

  1. Water and Foam fire extinguishers
  2. Carbon Dioxide fire extinguishers
  3. Dry Chemical fire extinguishers
  4. Wet Chemical fire extinguishers
  5. Halogenated or Clean Agent fire extinguishers
  6. Dry Powder fire extinguishers
  7. Water Mist fire extinguishers
  8. Cartridge Operated Dry Chemical fire extinguishers


If you are looking for a way to solve or prevent electrical fire, you are just in the right place. We offer the right solution to the question “What are the common causes of electrical fires?”. Above are important things you need to know to prevent electrical fire outbreak in your home.