What Is A Dado Blade Used For

Dado blades are being used for cutting grooves on a board. It is an important tool for woodworking tasks, especially with providing the precise cut for cabinets, drawers, and many more. It can serve any function depending on the other accessories you have to complement the function of the blade.

What do you Use A Dado Blade for?

For any woodworker that is faced with the task of cutting a wider groove, the dado blade is the perfect piece for the task. It is perfect for use on a table saw or radial arm saw. The truth is that it is not an indispensable tool which means you can do without it for some woodworking job.

However, for the ones that require you to cut joints or grooves, you need a dado blade to get the work done properly. It is the right for the task, but it requires lots of caution and attention to use because the hazard is high than you think.

What Is The Best Dado Blade Set

Having the right or the best dado blade set will help you get the perfect groove cut precisely and effortlessly. After you must have considered some factors such as the teeth count, size, sharpness, durability, and compatibility with your table saw, here are some dado blades that you can consider.

Thinking of What Dado blade to buy? the DEWALT DW7670, MIBRO 416381, Porter-Cable 7005012, Irwin Tools 1811865, and Oshlun SDS-0842, to mention a few are great dado blades that you can consider in the market to fit your table saw. Mind you, and it is important you consider the factors mentioned earlier before choosing any of the dado blades.

Dado Blades Type

There are two types of dado blades out there you can consider, and they are Stacked dado blade and wobble dado blade. 

Stacked Dado Blade

Stacked dado blades are comprised of two outer cutters that look like a typical table saw blade, and on the inside, there lies several removable chipper blades, often of varying widths.

Wobble Dado Blade

Wobble dado blades are a lot simpler than their stacked counterparts because they only utilize a single blade to create the grooves that you desire.

Wobble vs Stacked Dado Blade

Stacked dado blade has a series of blades that has big blade packed together. It boasts of different layers, while the central one accommodates chipper blades which you can remove. The design allows you to adjust the number of teeth on the blade depending on the task you have at hand.  

Adding spacer with the aim of achieving blade interspersion thus helps in getting extra precision and accurate cut with the blade. 

The wobble dado blade is not a standard blade as it is just an alternative to dado blade in stacked region. It has offset rotation, and it has no multiple blades like the stacked but still delivers a similar result. It also allows adjustment to get your desired cut, but it is never easy to operate a wobble blade if you are not a professional because it vibrates a lot while in action. Be reminded that both of them are adjustable dado blades. 

Do All Table Saws Use Dado Blades?

Sadly, not all table saws are compatible with dado blades. You need a specialized blade to make dado cuts, and your table saw has to be capable of utilizing a dado blade.

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Dado Blade vs Router

Can I use a dado blade instead of a router?  Router can easily slip and thereby can lead to an unintentional cut of oversize groove. Although it is a great tool, it has its flaws when it comes to cutting grooves which is the reason Dado remains the best for this task. In the absence of a table saw, you should use a router, but you have got to be more patient and careful with it.

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What is the Difference Between a Rabbet and a Dado?

Most people do not really know the difference between the two. The Dado is a slot cut across the grain of the wood right in the middle of the wood stock. The rabbet is a step milled just at the end of the stock, and it is used in creating a rabbet joint.

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Dado vs Rabbet

Rabbet can be used for a router, table saw, and radial arm saw, while Dado is only good for a router, table saw, and sliding compound miter saw. Rabbet can only be used for making small cabinets, small woodworking project, boxes, and drawer while Dado is used for fixing bookshelves and cabinets

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Can You Dado Plywood?

It is not quite easy as such to cut plywood using Dado because of the thickness of the plywood. However, it is possible to cut once you take your time to master the act. You just need to be careful when using Dado for plywood so that you don’t end up destroying it.

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Are Dado Blades Dangerous ?

It is deadly to handle a dado blade carelessly. So many have lost their finger or hand to dado blades. The effect is unpleasant whenever it comes in contact with one’s hand. It is the reason you don’t handle it if you have no idea of how to operate and use the blade with care.

However, it is better to be on the safe side that experiences loss due to using the blade. So, in this sense, using a sacrificial fence will help you give the right protection to the blade and ensure the operator is safe. Also, never should you take your hands closer to the blade whenever the blade is working.

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Different Joints Cut Using a Dado Blade – Dado Joint, Finger Joint, Rabbet Joint & Tenon Joint.