What Is A Sanitary Tee, Types Of Sanitary Tees & How To Install Sanitary Tee

What is A Sanitary Tee?

It is almost impossible for you to get involved in some plumbing work without the use of a sanitary tee. If you are not familiar with plumbing accessories, you might find it hard to identify and know its application.

A sanitary tee is a plumbing fitting that is mostly used to drain water and vent the plumbing system. It is used to connect the branch line to a vertical line. Its primary aim is to help liquid flows through the drain.

Sanitary tee is made from different materials, and you need to know so you can choose the right one for your task. The common materials are ABS plastic, copper, or cast iron.

Types of The Sanitary Tee

There are mainly 2 types of the sanitary tee and they are – standard tee and double sanitary tee.

Standard Tee

This kind of sanitary tee has a curved center section. It is primarily used in drainage to connect horizontal drains to the vertical drains, while the center of the tee is usually fixed to the pipe that leads to the tap.

Double Sanitary Tee

It is different from a standard cross tee, that you know. It has two curved entrances. It is mostly used for the sake of minimizing water wastage from one side flowing into the other.

You can find different materials made of Sanitary Tees like – Stainless Steel Sanitary Tee, PVC Sanitary Tee, Iron Sanitary Tee, Bronze Sanitary Tee, Hygienic Tee

How to Install A Sanitary Tee?

You need to ensure the water isn’t flowing by shutting off the valve. Once that is done, you can allow the water to drain out before installation.

Now select the right place to install the sanitary tee, make a marking on the pipe after you’ve made the right calculation on where to insert at the top and beneath.

Cut out the section where you intend to install the tee, and then you are set to install.

On the tee top and beneath the opening, you should add the glue and then insert the pipe into the two ends. Leave for minutes, and then you can go on with the installation of a faucet or not.

Whenever you are joining a horizontal line, a sanitary tee is the right piece for you.