What Is A Sanitary Wye? Types Of Sanitary Wye and How To Install A Sanitary Wye?

What Is Sanitary Wye?

Sanitary wye is similar to the sanitary tee and one might miss them up if you don’t get to identify the two.

So, Wye is a fitting solution that has three openings that are connected at a 45 degree angle. It has a Y shaped and is mainly used with joining three pipelines together.

In plumbing work, it is always used in connecting horizontal to vertical planes. Wye is mostly used in such a connection because it reduces the entrained solid at the junction. With the use of a Wye, a line can be divided into two equal lines in two different directions.

Types Of Sanitary Wye

There are three different types of sanitary Wye – the Standard pipe Wye, Compact pipe Wye, and Special pipe Wye.

How to Install The Sanitary Wye

Installing sanitary Wye takes lots of patience and a high level of plumbing skill to get that done without experiencing any form of leaking thereafter because of the design of the Wye.

The fitting is different from that of a sanitary tee, and so one needs a proper plan before going ahead with the use of Wye.

If you’ve got Wye to use, irrespective of the type you get, you need to carefully check the structure of your piping system and install the Wye accordingly.

Cut out the old or damaged Wye or set the pipe in the right direction if it is a new piping system and then use glue around the opening while you insert the pipe into it for a proper fitting.

The issue with using Wye is that it is not as easy as you think with its design which is the reason you need the service of an expert to help you through the process of fixing for proper or adequate installation.