What Is A Torpedo Level

The Nitty Gritty About Torpedo Levels

Ask a carpenter what’s their favorite thing, and they’ll point to their toolbox for sure. And the torpedo level is one essential tool to have in the kit. The spirit level is a particular level tool that most of us know or have heard about. The torpedo is maybe a cousin.

While dealing with tight and cramp quarters, this buddy would help you a lot. The basic one is mostly for jobs like hanging picture and so. However, sometimes you’ll need an enhanced version for precise angles and longer distance. Here’s the whole basic about the torpedo level!

What is A Torpedo Level ?

Before jumping to anything else let’s talk more about what the torpedo level is. This tool is meant for tight spaces and is a tiny version of a spirit level. The name torpedo comes from the shape it has. Since it looks just like a thin torpedo figure, you’ll come across several brands that features tapered edges. These would look even more similar to the torpedo design giving it ease to slide inside the pocket.

Most of the torpedoes are on the smaller sizes ranging from 5 to 10 inches in length. And so it is quite compact to hold or use compared to larger versions that most contractors would use. By the way, it is said that it is mostly a rescuer for most carpenters.

Also, these levels will have probably two vials, and they are enough. These vials measure 90 degrees and 0 degrees commonly. And so the user can rest assured knowing it would cover both horizontally and vertically.

However, there are also quite a few torpedoes that will use three to four vials. But technically you would need just two to ensure the whole thing is on a level.

But also there’s another point that might give you more flexibility. Try to have 30 and 45 degrees or maybe just one of them. These will enhance the adaptability to a good extent.

Why Should I Use A Torpedo Level ?

So do you want to know about a tool that comes in hand for almost anyone? Well, it’s the tool we are talking about right now. Yes, the spirit level! These tools are for most fixers like carpenters, electrician, and plumbers and obviously, you would love it if you are only a house owner.

This tool will help you with putting up a shelf for your favorite books. It can be used for hanging the picture of you and your family. Also, it could be helpful for making those flat pack furniture. Or maybe anything that would work well with levels.

Only if you are not a contractor, you will find a lot of ways to use this tiny little friend. Most of the contractors don’t think about having it. Because they are more used to use the larger versions, but still, in some situations, this tool can aid a lot.

Another good reason to have one for emergencies is the fact that these levels are very inexpensive. They will cost you only a certain amount. Since they come in handy so much, you should have them in your house always. Have these stored in your tool kit or one of the kitchen drawers and you’ll definitely at some occasion love how it helped you in an emergency hanging situation?

Choosing the Best One !

The finest torpedo levels will share some of the greatest and convenient features. The levels should save you time and also efforts. Get the one that will always guarantee the finest results. Check if you need the ones with vials or the one that has a permanent bubble. This feature is very important since it will determine if the alignment is correct.

Also, see if they feature the lighting to illuminate that will help to read out vial readings. This will help you to have clear descriptions even when the lighting isn’t good in the space. Other important aspects are V-groove, balance on pipes, magnets and so on.

Reading The Level Using Torpedo Level

First, you need to place the ending edge of the level. This must sit in the area where you’re trying to do some leveling. Check for some grabbing point to inspects the body. Also, make sure you are not blocking the vials.

Next, figure out the punch hole on the end that would help to hang on the workbench. Try to find the correct horizontal with the help of the tube vial in the center.

However, if you need to find the vertical one, then the end tube vial will help. You should also have an angled tube vial in it that would help you to get the exact 45-degree level.


There are not many tools that are important to have for leveling. But a torpedo level is a tool that you would always find useful. No matter if you are a professional contractor or just a normal house owner.