What Is Caliper ? Types Of Calipers ? Who Should Buy Caliper ?

What Is Caliper ?

Most of us are well known with the term “caliper”, simply a tool to measure the complex dimensions of an object. A French mathematician Pierre Vernier contributed to improving the measuring accuracy by upgrading its mechanism. Later on, his upgraded caliper was widely termed as “Vernier caliper” after his name. Actually, today’s modified calipers like Dial Caliper, Digital Caliper are engineered based on the principle of Vernier Caliper.

In the next few lines, I will go through the pros and cons, mechanism, functions and various types of aspects of different calipers. I will also uncover some indeed factors like battery life as well as battery replacement and their parts or components. Finally, I will make the long story short adding some directions on selecting the best calipers that suit your needs. Okay, let’s get back to the drawing board.

Actually, understanding the functions of the calipers is not rocket science.  On the other hand, you should not consider this as easy as a cake. A closer look and paying a bit of attention will really come very handy to solve your inner puzzles.

Types of Caliper ?

  1. Dial calipers
  2. Vernier caliper
  3. Digital or electronic caliper
  4. Micrometer caliper
  5. Jenny or oddleg caliper
  6. Spring joint caliper
  7. Drafting compass

Let’s talk about the Vernier, Dial, Digital Caliper.

Vernier Caliper : What is Vernier Caliper ?

The Vernier caliper is an exceptionally exact measuring instrument. Purpose for use this caliper is measuring internal and external distances accurately. The error may be as little as 0.05 mm – relying on the make. The vernier is a small movable graduated scale for acquiring fractional components of subdivisions on a set primary scale of any measuring tool. With a normal scale we can be able to degree down to 0.50 mm or so, while with a vernier scale the least rely may be zero.10 mm. Usually vernier calipers have each imperial (inches) and metric (mm) scales.

what is Vernier Caliper

Engineered to measure any dimension perfectly. Really comes handy to measure the diameter, depth etc. Actually, Vernier Caliper comes with some handy features like inner jaws, outer jaws, and depth measuring blade.


Dial Caliper : What is Dial Caliper ?

what is dial caliper

Unlike Vernier Caliper, Dial Caliper comes with a clock-like measuring kit integrated with the main scale but like the venire caliper, it has inner and outer jaws and depth measuring blade. The measuring unit used here is “Inch”. Each inch is divided into 10 decimals.

You have the decimal calculations on the main scale, and for hundred and thousand calculation you will need to relay on the clock-like measuring kit. You will find a number of videos on YouTube demonstrating how to measure accurately by a Dial Caliper. Just have a try.


Digital Caliper : Digital caliper definition !

Components Of A Digital Caliper

what is Digital Caliper

As the name demonstrates, Digital caliper displays the measurement in digits. The modern digital calipers are really worthy; ready to go solution for any measurements indeed. The appearance of a digital caliper is nothing different except the digital display. But the measuring mechanism is a bit different from the dial and Vernier caliper. Find here about Components Of A Digital Caliper.

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What is Micrometer Caliper ?

Micrometer calipers are used to measure small distances like – 1/1000 mm. Its using for measure thickness of of blocks, outer and inner diameters of shafts and depths of slots.

What is Micrometer caliper

Inside Micrometer Caliper :

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Outside Micrometer Caliper / Digital Micrometer Caliper :

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What is Jenny or Oddleg Caliper ?

This type Jenny calipers are also known as outside caliper, odd leg calipers or hermaphrodite calipers.

What is Jenny or oddleg caliper

What is Spring Joint Caliper ?

This type caliper mixed with inside caliper / outside caliper / divider caliper. This calipers have two legs, a spring, and an adjustable nut.

What is spring joint caliper


What is Drafting / Drawing Compass ?

This type drafting / drawing compass have 6 parts. Those are handle, legs, hinge, needle point, pencil lead, adjusting nut. Also known as bow campus, dividing campus. Uses for making circle, angle, radius, measuring distance etc. Lots of variants – beam compass, scribe compass, loose leg wing dividers, proportional compass, reduction compass.

Who Should Buy A Caliper ? Digital Caliper For Woodworking !

Actually, the usage of caliper more widespread and knows no bound. More preciously, it is widely used in workshops and in woodworking because of professional needs. Engineering students may deal with lots of staffs for measuring, their last but not the least measuring equipment most probably is the calipers. As the usage of the caliper is very widespread, so asking – “who should buy a caliper” is actually worthless.


Digital vs Dial vs Vernier Caliper

Actually, three types of the caliper are being sold like hot cake in the market and the digital caliper is the talk of the town without any doubt. Though the dial and old school vernier caliper is good to go but adding a digital caliper will add an extra dimension in your DIY-ing collection. When you are determined to go for a dial or Vernier caliper, think again. We are asking you to think again because no benefit will come by crying over spilt milk. So, first think and then go for it.


How A Digital Caliper Works / Digital Caliper Working Mechanism / Digital Caliper How It Works :

The working mechanism of the digital caliper is pretty simple. You do not need the Harvard Ph.D. for understanding the mechanism as it is not rocket science. But paying a bit of attention will come handy.  Let’s start.

If you are thinking that digital caliper works also in rack and pinion mechanism like the dial caliper, you are making a huge mistake. Actually, there is no rack and pinion; rather their built-in mechanism is based on capacitive sensor instead. When you slide the circuit adjusted with the right jaws, the sensor measures the distance and display it in LCD. Okay, let me dig a bit dipper.

When you uncover the main scale of the digital caliper, you will find a number of rectangular-shaped plates. On the other hand, the circuit on the move able jaw contains a series of capacitive sensors. These sensors measure the grid change of the rectangular shaped plates and finally display the number in the LCD. This is as easy as a piece of cake.


Digital Caliper Vs Micrometer / Accuracy of a Digital Caliper/ Digital Caliper Micrometer

As we have already gone through the above context, I think, your concept about digital caliper is almost clear. Go for a Google image search, you will find a wide array of images of both Digital Caliper and Micrometer. Let’s check the major differences between the digital caliper and the micrometer.

  • The digital caliper is a gun like substance; on the other hand, Micrometer’s visual structure is like an axe. This is the visual difference if we talk about the functional difference; there are a number of points to take into account.
  • The last count that a digital caliper can measure is 0.1 mm; on the contrary, a micrometer can measure 0.01 mm without any error. Really sounds good, isn’t it?
  • The last but not the least point is internal measuring capacity. A digital caliper can measure almost all dimensions of an object. We can measure the inner distance and depth without any interruption. But, if we consider the micrometer, its measuring capacity is limited to only outer length. Actually, it is not engineered to measure the inner distance or depth.


What is the difference between Dial Caliper and Vernier Caliper ?

Both provide measurements of the same accuracy. The main difference between Dial Caliper and Vernier Caliper is measurements are displayed.


Digital Caliper Capacitive Sensor

It is frequently apparent from the above discussion that a digital caliper is nothing different from the dial and vernier caliper except the digital display. While dial and vernier caliper depend on rack and pinion’s principle, the digital caliper utilizes the modern capacitive sensor to measure accurately. The up to date micrometer is one step ahead, capable to measure up to 0.01mm without any error, which is considered the last count of visual scale. If you are in a puzzle picking the right measuring equipment as per your requirements, I think this comprehensive guide will prove itself worthy on the go.

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